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Hospital and HMO Annual Reports - FY2017

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The Attorney General's Community Benefits Guidelines call upon Massachusetts hospitals and HMOs to file annual reports describing their community benefits programs and expenditures for the past fiscal year as well as their plans for future years.

The Guidelines also encourage community groups to review and respond to the annual reports of their local hospitals and HMOs. These guidelines ask each hospital and HMO to file (1) a full report using whatever format the hospital or HMO believes best reflects its community benefits efforts while covering a prescribed range of topics, and (2) a summary following a standardized format. The reporting guidelines also set forth publication standards for the posting of community comments on this web site.

This site offers several ways for you to access information about community benefit annual reports:

  1. If you want to see the annual report of a particular hospital or HMO, use the "Browse Reports" function to see its full report, summary and any related community comments;

  2. If you want to search for annual reports by geographic region, expenditure level or by doing a word search, use the "Search Reports" function to generate a list of hospital and HMO reports that match your specifications; or

  3. If you want to do further analysis by importing summary report data into your own spreadsheet software, use the "Download Report Data" function to generate a downloadable report.

If you would prefer to search for information on a program rather than an institutional level, go to the Program Directory section of this web site which contains a searchable statewide listing of community benefits programs.

Note: The information contained in the Community Benefits annual reports is posted on this site as it has been provided by the reporting hospitals and HMOs. The Attorney General's Office calls upon hospitals and HMOs to observe specific Reporting Guidelines in preparing their annual reports. This Office does not, however, audit or "approve" the reports that the hospitals and HMOs submit, and makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained therein.